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In today’s society, the aesthetics of the body and the desire to appear eternally young lead many people to take the plunge in cosmetic surgery. This type of surgery changes a person’s physical appearance to improve it.

It can be used for different parts of the body, from the nose (rhinoplasty) to the chest, through the ears or the buttocks. However, each of these operations has a relatively high cost and must, therefore, be carefully thought out. Once the decision has been made, it is possible to use a payday loan to finance the cosmetic surgery operation.



Often the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” are used interchangeably. However, a nuance exists:

• Plastic surgery is medical, insofar as it is used to treat pathology. Patients who use it do so out of necessity, in order to improve their health. Burn victims use it for example when their skin is permanently damaged. Plastic surgery is generally reimbursed by social security.

• Cosmetic surgery is used when the patient wishes to improve the aesthetics of a part of his body that he does not like. Interventions are therefore made at the request of the person and not prescribed for a medical reason. They are not covered by health insurance or by complementary mutuals.



A cosmetic surgery operation can involve different areas of the body. Depending on the area, the methods used are not the same:

  • rhinoplasty aims to reshape the shape of a nose according to the tastes of the patient, in order to make it more harmonious with the rest of the face;
  • the otoplasty corrects the shape and position of the ears;
  • blepharoplasty erases wrinkles and other marks that the face takes with age;
  • liposuction (or liposuction) aims to aspirate excess fat cells under the skin;
  • breast surgery makes it possible to reduce or increase the breast volume or to correct asymmetry between the two breasts;
  • the facelift limits sagging skin in the throat and face;
  • baldness surgery allows patients who suffer from it to reimplant hair on the bald areas.



During an initial consultation, the patient explains his request to the surgeon and the surgeon must define whether the request is feasible or not. A bond of trust must be established and it is therefore important to choose the right practitioner. During this meeting, the patient must answer many questions so that the doctor can understand his motivations.

Then the surgeon proceeds to the clinical examination of the imperfection. He then explains the modalities of the intervention and specifies to the patients the possible sequelae linked to the operation, in particular the scars that can result from it. He also gives a quote.

The patient then has time to reflect before the intervention. Thereafter, the patient will have to carry out a complete pre-operative assessment and an examination by the anesthesiologist, in order to decide if anesthesia is necessary. After these stages, the operation is fixed by the patient and his doctor.



Since January 1, 1997, the surgeon has had the obligation to give the patient a detailed estimate of the operation that the latter wishes to undergo if it costs more than $ 305 or if it requires general anesthesia. This estimate precisely lists the cost of each service and each product required.

It must also include the practitioner’s registration number to the departmental council of the order of physicians, as well as his qualification in a specialty. After the quote is submitted, the patient has at least fifteen days of legal reflection before being operated on.

If he ever retracts, only the first consultation will have been charged. Otherwise, the patient must incur new costs. Prices vary depending on the practitioner and the type of operation: this can range from $ 200 for a Botox injection to around $ 10,000 for a facelift. These operations are not covered by social security, it is possible to take out a loan to finance rhinoplasty or any other operation.

Calculate and apply for a payday loan Thu, 23 Apr 2020 11:33:29 +0000

Payday loan

Personal loan

Suppose you finally want to make that journey you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, buy a car because of a new job or family extension, or remodel your kitchen or bathroom in your owner-occupied home. Throughout life, there are important moments for which you can use a little extra money.

If you do not have enough savings, a payday loan is an orderly and reliable form of borrowing money, in which the loan amount, the term and the interest are determined together in advance. This way you know exactly what to expect. Very nice, because you naturally want to borrow money as responsibly as possible.

What is a payday loan?

What is a personal loan?

With a payday loan, you borrow a one-time amount, which is deposited in your account in one go. This could be because you need a new car, want to buy a caravan, or are planning to remodel your kitchen. If you need money for a specific purpose for which you know the total costs in advance, a payday loan is very suitable.

One of the advantages of a payday loan is that you know exactly where you stand. Every month you pay a fixed amount consisting of interest and repayment. The interest is fixed for the entire term. Together with an adviser from Across Lender, we look at what suits your personal financial situation. With a payday loan, you, therefore, know exactly where you stand, which gives a little extra peace during the moments in your life when you do larger expenses. If you opt for a payday loan, you borrow money in a responsible manner, and with peace of mind.

How does a payday loan work?

How does a personal loan work?

Once you have decided that you need money for a car, renovation, study or other large purchase and you, therefore, know what the loan goal is, you can compare loans at Across Lender online to see which best suits your personal situation. It is important that you know how much money you need because a payday loan is a fixed amount that is deposited in your account.

Once your loan has been approved by one of our advisors, you will receive the amount in your account. You pay the same amount every month. It is agreed in advance what the term of your loan is, in other words when you have repaid the loan in full. You cannot re-draw the amount that you repay with the payday loan. You can, however, make additional repayments without penalty

What is the risk of late repayment? Fri, 15 Nov 2019 01:40:27 +0000 Using a bank loan is not always uncomplicated and quick. The procedures in front of the interested ones pile up like mountains, and each subsequent document or stage is for most of us even less clear than the previous one. All our data, if we want to use the loan, are always thoroughly screened.

This is no longer just about issues related to earnings or the workplace


But also such things as creditworthiness or credit history, all possible delays in paying earlier obligations, loans, loans and even bills for current expenses, if the media supplier decided place an entry about us in one of the registers:

Interestingly, the bank’s credit history looks better with records of earlier obligations and their repayment timeliness than in the case of tabula rasa – the bank then has relevant information, and more specifically – what type of customer is dealing with and what are the chances of repayment contracted commitment. Formalities also take a lot of time and not every person working in standard working hours is able to come to all the appointments, which completes the formalities sometimes mercilessly stretches in time.

So-called junk contracts


We are well aware that not everyone is able to make a financial commitment to the bank. So-called junk contracts, so willingly and widely distributed by employers, in turn are unwelcome in banks – they give no certainty or security for the future. If they are not continued with one employer long enough, they are rejected as unfounded for granting the loan. Another issue, which in principle applies to virtually every type of contract, is the amount entered by the employer and the money actually earned.

It happens that the employer enters the lowest national, when the fact is earning a much higher amount, but given to the employee “under the table.” In such situations, it is difficult to get additional money not only for people of the prime of life, but also for older people, who are very willing to use payday loans, or very young people who do not always have adequate earnings to become credible to the bank.

Having a current debt repayment

Having a current debt repayment

Is another issue that removes the customer from the possibility of taking a loan. Your creditworthiness, and thus the bank’s trust in you, is reduced by any debt.

People who are employed for the correct amount on the employment contract, in addition, possessing a flawless credit history and sufficiently high creditworthiness. Such people, let’s face it, there are not many. Everything else needs to look for money in alternative places, such as loan companies.

How to get cash from payday loans faster? Wed, 06 Nov 2019 01:45:27 +0000

Application submitted, positive decision, transfer completed and the account is empty. Everyone should be booked between banks. The very word payday assumes that we will get the loan money very quickly. However, there are ways to get cash in minutes. How to do it?


A quick loan immediately

Lucky customers who have an account at the same bank as the lender will receive express cash from the online loan. Plus loan, to enable customers to receive transfers faster, works with several banks. You can find their list along with the hours and days of handling interbank transfers here. If your bank is on this list – we’ll get the loan money right away.


When do we have to wait?

The verification of the application itself, and in the event of a positive decision, the transfer of the loan to the account is carried out automatically. Stairs appear if our account is in a bank other than the lender. Waiting for the moment when the funds will be credited to our account can be frustrating, especially when we need cash already. Everything is to blame ELIXIR, which is an electronic system of incoming and outgoing sessions, in which banks transfer information about cash flows from one account to another. Unfortunately, each bank has its own booking hours, hence the problem with timely transfers. That is why we often wait a few hours for the transfer due to payday pay, and sometimes even the whole day, not to mention the weekend. We will find applications on the Internet that will help us assess when we can receive cash on account.


Can you speed up the transfer?

Can you speed up the transfer?

The solution can be BlueCash, which is an application that allows you to perform instant transfers of funds between accounts in different banks. Unlike the solutions on the market, BlueCash allows you to transfer funds from bank to bank even in a few seconds.

Be a plus this fall and take advantage of the promotional loan offer! Sat, 02 Nov 2019 00:53:51 +0000

There is less and less sunshine outside the window, which means that autumn is coming. Are you ready for it Start the new season with a full portfolio and get ready for the coming autumn. You can borrow cheaper now so that no autumn expenses surprise you!

The new season is the need to replace the wardrobe with a warmer one, but also to prepare at home for the upcoming winter frosts. All this costs, and unplanned defects can further aggravate the financial situation. Therefore, it is worth preparing for the upcoming autumn, so as not to be later unpleasantly surprised by emergency situations. Take advantage of our financial support and start the autumn with a full portfolio!


A loan for $ 0 for new customers – be a plus this fall!

A loan for $ 0 for new customers - be a plus this fall!

Do you need a new jacket? Warm sweaters? Shoes that will not be afraid of even the worst weather? You can afford it all and not worry about your account balance. Its condition will definitely increase the first loan for $ 0. You can take advantage of such a promotional offer on our website! The first loan up to $ 3,000 for 30 days is completely free. This means that you pay off exactly the amount you borrowed.

The easiest way to illustrate this is with an example. If too many expenses have found you in a given month and you need to fund your account with an additional $ 500, then you only need to apply for a loan of that amount. The whole process will take you only a moment and will not require you to complete all the formalities. All you have to do is fill out a simple loan application and confirm your bank account. Within a few minutes you will receive a credit decision, and if it is positive, the money will be transferred to your account. Before the repayment deadline, you should pay back exactly what you borrowed – in this situation equal to $ 500.


EXTRA DISCOUNTS for loyal customers

EXTRA DISCOUNTS for loyal customers

Loyalty pays off, that’s why, with our loyal customers in mind, we’ve prepared extra discounts for more loans, 35% off and more! It is also worth knowing that with each subsequent loan you can borrow more, and the repayment period extends up to 45 days. It definitely pays to stay with us for longer! Take advantage of our extra promotion today, you have until September 22, 2019. Start autumn with a full portfolio and be a plus!

The whole truth about quick loans Thu, 24 Oct 2019 01:15:05 +0000

You needed quick cash for unplanned expenses, so you took advantage of a quick loan online. After submitting the application, you received a positive response and quick cash on your account. Very simple, right? Just remember that rush is a bad adviser. It is worth checking carefully the company you want to use.


Borrow, but sensibly

money loan

The ever faster pace of life and its consumer nature mean that we acquire more and more. We want everything here and now. And as far as we do it reasonably there are no contraindications to this. The problem arises when we succumb to the temptation to possess things that we simply cannot afford. We take credit for credit, we pay the next one. It can threaten with a spiral of debts. Don’t you want to end like this? Borrow with your head! Take the matter coolly and reasonably. Instant payment is a very good solution in the event of a sudden expense for which you were not prepared, but if you have an unstable professional situation and a lack of stable income, look for an alternative way to solve financial problems.


Before you borrow

borrow money

When you reach for a quick online loan, there are a few things to consider. First of all, check out the company where you intend to take the payday loan. Find her REGON number and tax identification number, read the opinion of the company’s customers. Do you want to be 100% sure? Check out the Association of Loan Companies website. The next step is to review the contract carefully. Is it written in a small print? You can’t underestimate him! The media are still reporting situations where someone has signed a contract that they did not understand. This is a common mistake. When in doubt, ask a consultant. It is there to help you. Make a contract when everything is clear and understandable to you. The most convenient way to choose a service that allows you to conclude a contract via the Internet. Loan Plus is just that. In addition to security, you will gain time here for a calm and thorough analysis of the offer and contract at home.

Can you clear a bad credit history? Wed, 16 Oct 2019 00:43:18 +0000

Bad credit history can definitely make our lives sad. We lose the opportunity to take out a loan when we need extra cash. And all because we happened to delay payment of some amount. What about this situation? Can you clear a bad credit history?

A bad credit history can ruin our chances of a loan – it is very important for the banks that grant it. The information that is in the Credit Information Bureau is carefully checked by banks, which is why people with negative entries have a difficult time granting a loan. Regardless of why our credit history is not good, we want to fix it. But is it even possible?


How do you clear a bad credit history?

How do you clear a bad credit history?

Checking our credit history is very important for the institution in which we apply for any credit or loan. This gives grounds to determine whether we are a credible borrower. So if we are aware that during this process we will not do the best, we are looking for ways to improve this matter somehow. At this point, it should be noted that, unfortunately, we cannot delete individual data from our credit history in BIK. If the delay in settling the liability was longer than 60 days, this information will be visible in our credit history for the next 5 years.

So it’s not difficult to guess that mishaps associated with late repayment can drag on behind us for a really long time. This will make it difficult not only to get a loan from the bank. We may also have a problem with buying in installments and taking out loans online in companies that cooperate with BIK. It is worth knowing that not all companies check BIK. In return, they decide to cooperate with other credit information databases, such as the Kwanski Group.


Is a loan with a bad credit history possible? Loan without BIK

As we mentioned before – taking a short-term loan with a negative BIK entry is possible if you choose a loan company that does not cooperate with this information office. However, it is worth knowing that every legally operating loan company checks databases. However, not all of them use the same sources. So let’s look on the lender’s website for information about what databases are checked. An online loan without BIK checking can be taken, for example, on the Bela Mudwitch website. An additional advantage in favor of our offer is the possibility of applying for the first loan for free. The maximum amount of the first loan is $ 3,000 for a period of 30 days. However, it is worth ensuring timely repayment, otherwise additional costs may be charged.


How to improve your credit history?

How to improve your credit history?

As we mentioned before, it’s not possible to erase your bad credit history. Therefore, the best situation would be one in which you would not have to worry about your bad credit history at all. Therefore, before we decide to make any commitment, we should analyze whether we can actually pay it back on time. However, if the milk has spilled and a negative entry in our credit history has appeared, then the chance to rectify this situation is to repay the liability and withdraw the consent given to the creditor. Then, please contact BIK with a request to delete data about us. However, this does not always succeed.

Debit and credit cards – what are the differences? Fri, 06 Sep 2019 00:37:27 +0000

The majority of us are aware of the fact that we have the option of using several different types of payment cards. But what cards do we actually need? What are their characteristics? When to reach for a credit card, and when will a debit card work better? Advise!

Although the cards mentioned above seem to have the same function – they replace the cash in the wallet, in fact there are significant differences between them. The vast majority of us use debit cards. We usually get such a card simultaneously with opening a bank account. In turn, we have to apply for a credit card. And it is worth realizing that a credit card is not always necessary, although it is often useful. But what exactly is the difference between a debit and a credit card if they are both used for payments?


What is a debit card?

What is a debit card?

We can define the debit card as the basic one, which the vast majority of us have in our portfolio. We receive it immediately after opening a new account in the bank and it does not involve any additional fees or formalities. The debit card is directly assigned to our personal account, and the funds available on it are the same as the funds that we have accumulated on our bank account. Using this card, we can make cashless payments, as well as withdraw money from your account.

Debit cards can be divided into several different types in terms of payment organization. The most common are Visa cards. This is undoubtedly the most popular card organization in our country. Mastrcard is the biggest competition for this organization. But does it really matter nowadays whether we decide on Visa or maybe Mastercard?


Visa or Mastercard debit card – what to choose?

Only a dozen or so years ago it was possible to indicate two clear differences between Visa and Mastercard – they concerned mainly the origin of the products. Mastercard was also often seen as this more modern option, but currently we do not meet this view anymore. However, if we are the type of traveler, then we should be aware that we will not use both types of cards in every country. Therefore, when deciding what to decide on, it is worth considering which will be a better choice when it comes to the destination of our travels.


What is a credit card?

What is a credit card?

Now that we know what a debit card is and what it is used for, you should also consider a credit card. When paying by credit card, we really use the bank’s money, not the money we collect. What amount is available to us depends really on our creditworthiness. In other words – when using a credit card, we actually take out a revolving credit facility up to the limit that was set by the bank.

These types of cards allow us to pay for purchases when we do not have sufficient funds on our bank account. Before the bank grants us such a card, it thoroughly analyzes our creditworthiness to determine what amount of debt will be repayable to us. We repay this card when the bank provides us with information on the amount of debt. The interest rate associated with using a credit card depends on the bank where we decide on such a service.


First loan for free or credit card?

piggy bank

If you find yourself in an emergency that requires you to get some extra cash, which we don’t have at the moment, it may be a good idea to take out a short-term loan. Especially if it will be our first loan. Then we have the option of borrowing completely free, up to 3000 USD. In addition, the whole process will be much shorter and less complicated, and the money on our account can be really fast – the time depends, among other things, on which bank we have the account in.

When is the cash loan really cheap? Sun, 18 Aug 2019 00:34:48 +0000

Finding a quick loan is not difficult at this time. However, choosing a variant from the extensive offer that is actually profitable for the borrower requires some effort. This does not mean that cheap loans are not available.

Payday loans that can pay off

Payday loans that can pay off

Everyone knows the saying that cheap does not always have to go with good. However, in the case of payday loans, this proverb does not always work. Especially when online loans saturate the market and loan companies have to fight for customers.

And there is probably no better tool in competition than price control. Customers choosing any product – even clothing or electronic equipment – pay first attention to the price of the product.

Why would it be different for payday pay? The more so because those who find themselves in temporary financial trouble decide to get loans via the Internet. For them, the cost of taking out a loan is particularly important.

Cheap loans only seemingly?

Cheap loans only seemingly?

Customers who use payday loans are often under time pressure. Suddenly in a difficult situation, they focus only on getting out of it as soon as possible. Obtaining quick cash can help in this, but only if the chosen variant of payday loan is beneficial for the borrower.

For this to happen, before choosing a specific offer, it is worth making sure that the advertised cheap loans are not cheap by name alone. To do this, simply check the detailed terms and conditions of the offer and the payment tables. Reaching for payday loans, one cannot forget that the cost of a loan consists not only of the amount of the commitment. The amount of commission and interest are basic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat increase the total cost of payday pay.

In addition, the total amount that the debtor will have to pay may be increased by other additional fees (e.g. for postponement, delay in repayment, sending a reminder). Therefore, before choosing a commitment, it is worth analyzing the detailed costs to make sure that the company offers really cheap loans.

Cost-effective loans online for new customers

Cost-effective loans online for new customers

New clients of loan companies can certainly count on the preferential conditions of payday loans. Many of them, wanting to encourage you to take advantage of their offer, offer loans online without additional charges. However – as with almost every promotion – the devil is in the details.

Depending on the company offering the cheap loans, the promotional terms are only available if certain conditions are met. Some of them concern the maximum amount of payday payday, which in the case of first loans, as a rule, may not exceed PLN 1500. Another important detail is the repayment date of the first liability.

Often, cheap loans are not charged with commission and interest only in the event of timely repayment. Its exceeding, even by a day, in many situations will result in not only interest, but also a penalty charge.

Investment strategy: invest actively or passively? Wed, 29 May 2019 06:52:57 +0000

You have decided to invest your money – but before it can really get started is a detailed search. However, since an investor’s success seldom has anything to do with luck, the right investment strategy must be established. But what is the right investment strategy? And is there really the right strategy?

In our contribution today, we want to dedicate ourselves to the concepts of active and passive asset management and to the question of what it means to invest his money actively or passively.

What does the investment strategy of active investing mean?

What does the investment strategy of active investing mean?

In the investment strategy of active investing , one tries to optimize so many aspects of one’s own actions that one achieves a higher return than the market. If you want to invest your money actively, you invest your savings in so-called funds . Funds are a selection of individual stocks managed by a fund manager . The fund manager tries to generate a better return than the financial market . To make the right choice of securities for the fund, a fund manager analyzes national and international markets and speaks to analysts and companies. Since a fund manager can also be wrong, he makes sure that there is always a mixture of safe and risky securities in the fund.

Indicator of the investment strategy of active asset management:

Indicator of the investment strategy of active asset management:

  • Stock picking: In stock picking, the investor selects certain stocks that offer the most promising investment opportunities based on the information available.
  • Timing: The investor deliberately chooses the best time to enter or exit the market.
  • Excess Return: The goal of excess return is the purposeful drive to achieve better returns than the market. Active fund managers use a benchmark index to beat them (benchmark).

Whether a fund manager or a fund has proven itself is evaluated by rating agencies such as Morningstar . Morningstar is a financial information company and analyst firm that evaluates funds using performance, risk and cost factors. All ratings are based on a comparison of different funds.

How does the investment strategy of passive asset management work?

How does the investment strategy of passive asset management work?

The investment strategy of passive asset management is to be understood as a kind of reflection of the market or a market segment. In contrast to the active asset management strategy, it is not about achieving a higher return than the market. The passive management aims only to generate a comparably high return with comparable risk. So when it comes to passive investing, you can never beat the index . But you also carry a lower risk , as the fund will never cut significantly worse than the index. If you choose an index, unlike investing actively, the forecasts and reports of a fund manager no longer matter. You can invest directly in the stocks. However, before investing, be sure to compare the costs of the different funds with the same index.

The most common and cheapest index funds are the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs for short). This exchange-traded index fund reflects the further development of an index such as the Dax’. ETFs are well suited for private investment and allow you to invest relatively cheaply in entire markets with a security.

Tip: Frequently, the actively managed funds are recommended to interested parties. We find that both investment strategies have their right to exist and should always be decided on a case-by-case basis which of the two options is suitable.

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